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How Practice Makes Perfect

             I recently met someone who made me believe again in the saying that “Practice makes perfect.” I am not a pessimistic person, but I always thought that not everything can be perfected by practice because there are some things that probably demand God-given talents in the first place to be achieved, such as dancing and writing, which have always been a part of my frustrations in life. I've accepted many years ago that I'd probably never learn to do both, but I continued watching dance concerts of my friends even if I've personally given up trying it.

            At one dance class that was organized by a friend, one person really stood out. We were later introduced and I found out that he only began to study dancing eight months ago. My friends later told me that when he first began, he really had no moves or talent. But he practiced diligently and constantly. I was really amazed by how good he has become. And now, as I am weeks away from filling up my application essays for college, I remembered how much I also wanted to become a writer. I've promised my friends that I'd start practicing to dance again, now with more discipline. And I'd also start practicing writing essays so that when the time comes for my application, I would be prepared. Who knows, someday I might even find a career as a professional paper writer.